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Gary Schank has been a pilot for over 40 years, and a pilot with Delta Airlines since 1990.  He has accumulated over 22,000 hours in numerous airliners and general aviation aircraft, from a Stearman bi-wing to widebody airliners.  He holds type ratings in several turbine aircraft including Boeing 737, Boeing 727 FE, Airbus A-330, DC-9, Citation business jets, and SA-227/226 Jet Prop aircraft. 

There are few, if any attorneys who have Gary Schank's combination of aviation and law experience. 

Whether you are a pilot who has received a notice of an FAA violation, or you have any legal questions regarding any aspect of aviation, we can help.

 Gary Schank is also available as an Aviation Expert Witness.


 Over 40 years of law and aviation experience in the airlines and the General Aviation sector.   Certified Flight Instructor (CFII-MEI), Type Ratings in Boeing 737, Airbus A-330,   DC-9, CE-500, SA-227, and an aircraft owner.   Gary Schank's combined aviation and legal expertise is unique among expert witnesses. 



Often, the business person and the attorney have opposing views.  The business person says, "I want to...".  The attorney often says, "You can't do that because...".  Of course, the attorney's job is to keep the business enterprise out of legal trouble.  However, the attorney's jobs is also to provide the legal means by which the desired goals can be accomplished. 

Gary Schank has a background in both, business and law.  As a result, he understands the mindset of the business person, while assuring that the business remains within legal parameters.


Accidents resulting in personal injuries are often traumatic experiences.  You just want it to go away.  Although we cannot make that happen, we can ensure that you obtain proper medical care, and receive fair and adequate compensation.

Our Personal Injury staff has handled accident related cases for more than 20 years.  You can expect a clear explanation of your legal rights, and an honest evaluation of your likely compensation for your injuries.

We often hear of attorneys who do not return phone calls, nor keep their clients informed of case progress.  We pride ourselves on a promise that we will promptly respond to your inquiries within 24 hours, and regularly keep you informed even if there is no news to report.



The entertainment business is unique.  The needs of the Producer vary depending upon the phase of the production.  Initially, a prospectus and business plan must be created in order to present the project to potential investors.  Once the investors decide to work with the Producer, the Producer must comply with SEC investor regulations.  Thereafter, contracts must be formulated for above the line and below the line agreements.  Thereafter, investor profit distribution must be completed.  We provide legal assistance during all phases of the production.  In addition to business assistance, we also handle adversarial matters as they pertain to the entertainment business.

Our in-house entertainment attorneys associate with several entertainment specialists so that we may offer the most diverse legal assistance in the various entertainment fields.